Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 vs The Sicilian III

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Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 vs The Sicilian III


The fourth volume of the Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.e4 series provides a top-class repertoire against the Taimanov, Kan and Scheveningen systems, plus all the other Sicilian lines that were not covered in the previous volumes. Negi takes the established main lines and injects them with his own innovative ideas, making the repertoire a nightmare for Sicilian players and an essential addition to the library of every ambitious player.

Parimarjan Negi is a former child prodigy and the second-youngest player of all time to obtain the Grandmaster title. He was Asian Champion in 2012, and played on Board 1 for the Indian team which won bronze medals at the Tromsø 2014 Olympiad.


Parimajan Nego

Quality Chess
488 pages
back paper edition